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How To Stop Masturbation Addiction Naturally?


I have a bad habit of excessive hand practice. I do it whenever I think about sex. But after doing this, I feel regret. I am losing my health and feel very tired. I desperately want to stop masturbation addiction so that I can restore my health. Which products should I take and what is the duration of the course?

The Expert's Answer

Though masturbation is unnatural still it is widely practiced method of satisfying one's desire for mating, but it is highly addictive, knowing how to stop masturbation addiction can help immensely in protecting health from its side effects. When a male masturbates his body experience similar changes and activities like those during lovemaking, this is why within healthy limits hand practice is not treated as something harmful in fact it is regarded as good method for keeping oneself satisfied and content. But when a male gets addicted to it then he starts practicing it too frequently, excessive practice of self-stimulation or hand practice cast severe strain on reproductive system and wipe off its energy. Lethargic reproductive system malfunctions and shows up in the form of various types of disorders. Method to how to stop masturbation addiction helps in coming out of this bad habit and reversing its ill-effects.

Stop Masturbation AddictionGenerally males practicing excessive self-stimulation suffer with low libido, poor sensation in genital region, hindered blood flow, lesser duration of erections, slow erections, weak erections and lesser semen volume. All these ill-effects of excessive hand practice make a male disenchanted towards lovemaking. Due to these problems male is unable to enjoy lovemaking and is also not able to satisfy his female partner. Apart from these males also lose their ability to control ejaculation and suffer with problems like PE, excessive precum, discharge during or after urination and flaccid reproductive organ. Frequent loss of semen causes deficiencies of vital nutrients and minerals in the body and strain vital organs like liver. Due to these conditions male becomes physically too weak and lethargic and does not have enough energy to make love. Physical weakness causes psychological problems and male faces episodes of stress, fatigue, depression, anxiety and irritable behavior to further complicate the problem. If one knows how to stop masturbation addiction these problems can be prevented without any trouble.

Regular loss of semen due to excessive self-stimulation deteriorates quality of semen and leaves a male incapable of achieving fatherhood. Despite of all these problems males in habit of self-stimulation find themselves unable to quit the habit and continue practicing it which further aggravate health related issues. If one can take proper steps and knows how to stop masturbation addiction then he can come out of this habit and regain his potency level and lovemaking capacities. Males practicing self-stimulation frequently try different ways of doing it to enhance their pleasure. Some males delay ejaculation by following stopping and starting technique, this can enhance duration of pleasure but can cause problems like penile curvature. Some males prolong their ejaculation by holding their organ tightly, this practice damages internal tissue lining and cause pain during erection. Such problems can only be treated by proper herbal treatment and if left untreated these can prevent a male from making love normally.

Whether males suffer with problems related to reproductive system due to excessive hand practice or due to any other reason, herbs can alleviate all sorts of disorders and provide much improved virility, potency and vitality. There are many herbs which have been used since ancient times to enhance male's potency and virility. Shilajit, Ashwagandha, Kavach beej, Kesar, Safed Musli, Lauh Bhasma, Swarna Bhasma, Pipal, Long, Jaiphal, Shatavari are few highly potent herbs which can singlehandedly alleviate all sorts of disorders, debilities and weaknesses of male reproductive system. Regular and proper use of any of these herbs is how to stop masturbation addiction safely and quickly. Instead of using any single herb today one can gain benefits of all these herbs and other supportive herbs conveniently and easily by taking regular course of NF Cure capsules. These capsules contain all the herbs which can play a role in enhancing functioning of male reproductive system in right dosage and combination. Within short duration of use male gains healthy secretion of sexual hormones, rejuvenated reproductive system, healthier tissues, higher blood flow towards genital region, active nerves and higher libido. NF Cure capsules help to cure problems like ED, PE, low semen volume and lesser duration of erections and provide a male renewed virility, potency vitality and extra-ordinary lovemaking capacities.

Combining Shilajit capsules with NF Cure further enhances quality of results. Shilajit is herb which can provide everlasting youth and vigor to male of any age. These capsules compliment effects of NF Cure magnificently and make its results permanent. By consuming Shilajit capsules male gains energized organs, much improved respiratory, reproductive, cardio and musculoskeletal system, higher energy, stamina and strength. Shilajit also promotes healthy prostate functions and works as natural aphrodisiac. By taking these two capsules male can quit habit of masturbation and begins to enjoy normal lovemaking like a young male. Use of NF Cure and Shilajit capsules in combination is how to stop masturbation addiction safely and quickly and gain maximum pleasure out of one's love life. Due to herbal composition these capsules are perfectly safe and suitable for male of any age and do not cast any sort of side effect even after prolonged use.


Take one NF Cure capsule and one Shilajit capsule two times a day with water or milk for 3 to 4 months in a regular and disciplined manner for good result.

Stop Masturbation Addiction

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