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How To Recover From Masturbation Effects And Weakness?


Hello Sir, I am 24 years old male. From last four months I am facing problems like leaking of semen, pain in body, tiredness and involuntary ejaculation of semen. I have a bad habit of hand practice since 8 years. Are there herbal remedies that can help me to recover from weakness and bad effects of excessive hand practice?

The Expert's Answer

Masturbation when practiced frequently over a substantial period of time cast serious side effects, proper herbal treatment and practicing normal sexual behavior is how to recover from masturbation effects and weakness. Hand practice is highly addictive and males very soon start to practice it too frequently, this causes regular loss of semen and constant strain on reproductive organs and other vital organs of the body. This strain in a short duration stresses out reproductive system and can cause sexual exhaustion. In this condition male can face host of problems which leave him incapable of making normal love and also achieve fatherhood. There are some commonly found ill-effects of excessive hand practice, knowing how to recover from masturbation effects and weakness can prevent these from surging up and protect overall health and potency of a male. Hand practice can cause reduced testosterone secretion, hindered blood flow towards genital region, weak blood carrying vessels, lethargic nerves of genital region, congested prostate gland and damaged tissues. All of these problems can raise serious disorders like ED, PE, low libido and impotency.

Recover From Masturbation EffectsMales practicing self-stimulation or masturbation too frequently also suffer with thinning of semen and low semen volume; these problems show up in the form of excessive precum, discharge of semen during or after urination, involuntary ejaculation and frequent nocturnal emissions. Low semen volume not only harms fertility of a male but also reduce his pleasure during climax to gradually take away his interest from lovemaking. Males to enhance their pleasure delay ejaculation during hand practice; this can strain tissues of reproductive organ and damage them which cause problems like penile curvature or pain during erection. Regular loss of semen creates deficiencies of vital minerals in the body, to make up for the lost minerals vital organs like liver work overtime. This can cause distressed liver which leads to poor energy levels and reduced strength and stamina. All these problems can be averted if one knows how to recover from masturbation effects and weakness.

Males practicing too much self-stimulation become physically very weak which raises issues related to mental health. Irritable behavior, stress, fatigue, lethargy, depression and anxiety are few commonly found problems which male face due to excessive hand practice. Males also have terse relationship with female partner as they always avoid lovemaking due to stressed-out reproductive system and lack of energy and stamina. More a male practices this habit deeper he gets into trouble but he finds himself unable to resist the urge, proper treatment which can reverse the ill-effects and improve physical and mental health of a male so that he can enjoy proper lovemaking and resist urge to masturbate is how to recover from masturbation effects and weakness.

Herbs are regarded as most effective and safest treatment to cure all sorts of disorders related to physical health or reproductive system of a person. If one wonders how to recover from masturbation side effects and weakness then herbs provide the best answer. There are many herbs which can singlehandedly provide benefits like healthy reproductive system and higher energy levels to suppress ill-effects of self-stimulation. Some of the renowned herbs are Shilajit, Ashwagandha, Safed Musli, Kavach beej, Kesar etc, all of these herbs are found as ingredients of NF Cure capsules along with many more supportive herbs. Regular use of NF Cure capsules brings back healthy secretion of testosterone hormone, energizes weak reproductive system, strengthens tissues, makes nerves stronger and active, and promotes production of quality semen in large volume. These capsules reverse ill-effects of hand practice and provide a male much stronger, healthier and active reproductive system. Use of NF Cure capsules is how to recover from masturbation effects and weakness safely and quickly.

Supplement NF Cure with Shilajit capsules, Shilajit enhances a male's vitality by many times in a short time. This herb is famous for providing everlasting youth and energy. Males gain stronger and energetic muscles, higher bone density, improved respiratory system, strong liver, upbeat digestive system, higher blood circulation and much higher stamina by using Shilajit capsules to cure all sorts of debilities and weakness inflicted by excessive hand practice. Shilajit capsule removes deficiencies and energizes all the organs of the body, it also works as aphrodisiac to enhance male's interest in lovemaking and promotes healthy prostate functions. Combination of Shilajit and NF Cure capsules is how to recover from masturbation effects and weakness naturally and in a short time.

Massage with Mast Mood oil along with regular intake of Shilajit and NF Cure capsules make a male intense lover who can give multiple climaxes to his female partner and provide ultimate satisfaction. Mast Mood oil promotes intense arousals, powerful erections and short recovery time between erections, it also enhances a male's duration of lovemaking and above all increase size of erection by few inches. Such males not only make a woman ecstatic in bed but also gain electrifying pleasure from lovemaking. NF Cure, Shilajit capsules and massage with Mast Mood oil is sure-shot way to recover from masturbation effects and gain much higher virility, potency, vitality and vigor to make sensational love. All these products due to herbal composition are free of side effects and can be taken without any prescription by male of any age.


Take one capsule each of NF Cure and Shilajit two times a day with water or milk for 3 to 4 months in a regular manner for good result. Apply Mast Mood oil gently on your male organ to heal and strengthen your weak penile nerves.

Recover From Masturbation Effects

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