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How To Get Rid Of Masturbation Habit Naturally?


I use to masturbate once daily and sometimes more than that. From last two to three months I found that I am not getting proper erection even after watching erotic stuffs. I am worried whether it is erectile dysfunction. I have ruined my sexual life due to this habit. What should I do now? Please tell me any effective herbal remedies to get rid of masturbation habit naturally.

The Expert's Answer

How to get rid of masturbation habit is not difficult to understand as it appears to be. People in habit of masturbation may find themselves in a situation where they simply cannot resist the urge but if proper steps are taken one can quit this habit easily. Hand practice is very addictive, though it is one of the oldest methods of satisfying one's desire to mate and its practice within healthy limits is considered as good for overall health yet, moment its frequency crosses body's endurance limits it casts some serious ill-effects on health and potency of a male. Self-stimulation or hand practice causes almost similar changes in the body and push reproductive system to perform similar activities like done during coition, but for coition male needs a partner who is willing to perform the act. In case of self-stimulation no partner is required and male can masturbate as many times as he wishes to and gain similar sensation and pleasure like he gets during lovemaking. The easiness of this act makes it highly addictive and most of the males start doing it too frequently. If one knows how to get rid of masturbation habit he can control the problem and prevent its harmful effects easily.

Get Rid Of Masturbation HabitThe biggest ill-effect of excessive hand practice is mental rather then physical, male habitual of self-stimulation loses his interest in normal lovemaking and finds it too straining and bothering. Regular discharge of semen and erection due to frequent self-stimulation strain reproductive organs like prostate gland, nerves, tissues and blood vessels. Swelling in prostate gland causes congestion, weak nerves reduce sensation and control over ejaculation and poor health of blood vessels and tissues can deteriorate quality of erections. When male gets aroused some amount of testosterone hormone gets secreted in the blood to enhance blood flow towards male genital region, promote flow of energy and increase sensation in genital region. Males practicing self-stimulation disturb secretion of this hormone by causing frequent arousals and face host of problems. Excessive hand practice or self-stimulation can very quickly cause problems like ED, PE, low libido, nocturnal emissions, low semen volume and thinning of semen. These problems can harm one's potency and lovemaking capacities severely. Other then these problems like prostatitis, weak parasympathetic nerve, distressed liver, semen leakage during urination, weakness and fatigue also surge up in a short time. One can avoid all these problems if he knows how to get rid of masturbation habit and regain much better potency level and lovemaking capacities.

One needs to take support of herbal remedy to reverse the ill-effects of excessive self stimulation and regain proper health and functioning of reproductive system. Providing support to internal organs and reproductive system is how to get rid of masturbation habit safely and quickly. There are many herbs which have been used since ancient times to alleviate problems caused by excessive self-stimulation. Shilajit is one such herb famous for its all round properties to promote sound sexual health and also for treating problems caused by excessive self-stimulation. This herb has many rare and magical benefits, it rejuvenates entire male reproductive system and physical and mental health of an individual to provide age-defying virility, potency, vitality and extra-ordinary lovemaking capacities. Ashwagandha is another herb recommended to cure ill-effects of excessive hand practice; it works as aphrodisiac, enhances mental abilities, brings back healthy hormonal secretion and supplements nutrients to the body to reestablish lost health and virility of a male.

Other famous herbs used for enhancing male's virility are Kesar, Kavach beej, Lauh bhasma, Swarna bhasma, Safed Musli etc these herbs also work as potent treatment for curing effects of hand practice. Taking support of these herbs is how to get rid of masturbation habit quickly and safely. NF Cure capsules work as easiest way to consume all these herbs and gain their collective benefits. NF Cure capsules come loaded with all main herbs and supportive herbs which rejuvenate entire male reproductive system, energize all the organs, repair damaged tissues and enhance male's virility, potency and vitality. Regular course of NF Cure capsules is how to get rid of masturbation habit in most convenient way.

Combining Shilajit capsules with NF Cure make it a complete treatment with long-lasting results. Shilajit capsules contain Shilajit herb as main ingredient which is renowned for providing age-defying vitality, youthfulness and vigor. These capsules supplement 85 different nutrients, minerals and amino acids to remove all sorts of deficiencies and debilities from the body which occur due to regular loss of semen through self-stimulation. Shilajit improves muscle mass, muscular endurance, bone density, respiratory functions, cardio-vascular system and tissue strength, all these benefits make a male highly energetic strong and high on stamina. With sound vitality male overcomes side effects of hand practice and leads an active and pleasurable love-life. Use of NF Cure and Shilajit capsules is how to get rid of masturbation habit safely and easily in a short time. Due to herbal composition these capsules are perfectly safe for males of any age and do not cast any side effects even after prolonged use. These capsules can be taken without any prescription.


Take one NF Cure capsule and one Shilajit capsule two times a day (after breakfast in morning and after dinner at night) for 3 to 4 months without interrupting the course to obtain good result.

Get Rid Of Masturbation Habit

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