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How To Cure Nocturnal Emission In Men?


I am having problem of frequent nocturnal emissions. It occurs two or three times in a week. Please help me to cure the problem. I feel tiredness all the time and experiencing extreme stress and depression. Please help me. Thanks

The Expert's Answer

To understand how to cure nocturnal emission becomes easy if one knows real causes behind the problem. Semen production is an ongoing process in male body after puberty; this semen is kept locked by the nerves present in genital region. These nerves allow semen to pass out only when male wishes to. But at young age when hormonal activity is at peak or at later age when male is not ejaculating semen through mating then body in order to discard old semen pass it out in the night during sleep. Males see an erotic dream or get excited during sleep and discharge, this occurrence is called as nocturnal emission. Occasional episode of nocturnal emission is not a problem and does not require treatment but when these episodes become too frequent, more than twice a week then this problem needs immediate attention and treatment. How to cure nocturnal emission becomes simple and easy if one understands real causes behind it. Nocturnal emission in men if allowed to stay can be very debilitating and harm a male's potency irreversibly.

Cure Nocturnal Emission In MenWeak nerves in male genital region, congested prostate gland and poor emotional health are primary causes of nocturnal emission in men. Weak nerves and congested prostate gland cannot keep semen locked and allow it to pass out on slight excitement or pressure, due to poor emotional health male is unable to control his emotions and excitement and gets intensely aroused during sleep to cause ejaculation. Gaining strong nerves, clear prostate gland and sound emotional health is how to cure nocturnal emission. Too much coition, excessive self-stimulation and too many arousals without ejaculation are few commonly found causes of weak nerves and poor prostate health which lead to frequent nocturnal emission in men. Excessive alcohol intake, too much smoking and tobacco use are other causes of frequent nocturnal emission in men. Side effects of medicines like tranquilizers, sedatives, high blood pressure medicines etc also cause nocturnal emission in men. Amongst other causes of nocturnal emission in men, long sitting hours, poor diet, lack of exercises etc are also quite common. Taking proper treatment and avoiding these factors, practices and habits is how to cure nocturnal emission.

Disorders related to male reproductive system are not new to mankind, since time immemorial males have faced these problems and have treated them successfully and safely through herbs. Herbs are natural remedies and not only cure root causes of the problem but also reverse ill-effects and bring back lost health and virility. Shilajit and Ashwagandha are two most renowned herbs which have wide ranging magical benefits to enhance a male's potency and virility and also to cure disorders like nocturnal emissions. These herbs improve a male's mental and physical health and rejuvenate entire male reproductive system. Kavach beej, Kesar, Safed Musli, Jaiphal, Pipal, Lauh bhasma etc have been recommended to males for healthy prostate functions, even blood circulation, strong reproductive organs and higher libido since ancient times. NF Cure capsules contain all these herbs in right doses and combination along with many other herbs to cure problems like nocturnal emissions, ED, PE and low libido. NF Cure capsules elevate secretion of testosterone hormone in the body. With higher secretion of this hormone males gain energized and active nerves in their genital region which prevent nocturnal emission and involuntary ejaculation of semen. NF Cure capsules also promote healthy prostate gland, with healthy and clear prostate gland males can prevent nocturnal emission effectively. NF Cure capsules contain herbs which are excellent hormonal balancers, with proper and healthy hormonal secretion males gain sound emotional health and can curb psychological problems like depression, anxiety, low libido and mental fatigue. Emotionally sound males can control their emotions and excitement which helps in curing nocturnal emission and gain control over ejaculation.

If NF Cure is the answer to how to cure nocturnal emission then Vital M-40 capsules are to keep them from resurfacing in future. Vital M-40 capsules nourish entire body, energize all the organs and uplift functioning of all the systems of the body to provide a male with renewed vitality. Vital M-40 capsules due to their nutritive properties improve a male's lean muscle mass, muscular endurance, stamina and strength substantially and also keep his reproductive system in sound health. These capsules fill-in nutritional gaps and remove all sorts of deficiencies in the body. Physically stronger males can maintain their virility and potency for longer period in life and enjoy their love-life to the fullest. Use of these capsules in combination is the best method to how to cure nocturnal emission and also to gain much improved virility, potency, vitality and vigor. Due to purely herbal composition these capsules can be taken without any prescription by male of any age. These capsules enhance body's own mechanism to cure the problem of nocturnal emission in men hence cast no side effects even after prolonged use.


Take one NF Cure capsule and one Vital M-40 capsule two times a day for 2 to 3 months without interrupting the course for good result.

Cure Frequent Nocturnal Emissions

Cure Frequent Nocturnal Emissions
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