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Ayurveda Three Doshas - Vata, Pitta and Kapha

Most of us are familiar with the word Ayurveda. But, many of us would fail to recognize that it is an ancient Indian medical science. The texts of Ayurveda are actually a journal that covers all human medical problems. It is a traditional holistic healing procedure which actually means, 'The science of life'. In ancient times Indians were depended on plant support for healing all their physiological as well as psychological problems. Most of the medicines were made from herbs, spices, leaves, seeds, petals, flowers, roots and stems. Each and every part of different medicinal plants was used in Indian homes where 'home remedies' were quite popular. In every family, there were certain family members who were adept in curing every disorder by simple as well as cost effective formulations. At times, the remedies of Ayurveda have shown miraculous and astounding results.

Ayurveda DoshasThe holistic healing approach of Indians basically revolves around imbalance of three humors which are called as Doshas. Ether or Akash, Fire or Agni, Earth or Prithvi, Air or Vayu, and Water or Jal are great five elements which affect all living systems. The constantly changing nature of these humors can be simplified into three vitiations or Doshas. Any person can enjoy good health only when these three humors are under harmony and balance. And, a disease state sets in when balance of any of these humors gets disturbed. The three Doshas of Ayurveda are Vata (Wind), Pitta (Bile), and Kapha (Phlegm). Even the personality of person can be determined due to predominance of any one Dosha.

Vata is formed of Ether and Air. According to herbalists, it must be kept in good balance, because it governs all the movements in the mind and the body. Pitta is formed of Fire and Water. It is essential to keep this Dosha under harmony, because it controls all heat, metabolism, and transformation in our mind as well as body. Kapha is formed of Earth and Water. And, it cements all the elements in our body. It provides material for our body structure. Each and every person has an individual blend of these three Doshas. In some individuals, any one Dosha might be predominating, or sometimes two Doshas might be predominating. In rare cases, all three Doshas are pre-dominating the personality and physical stature of an individual.

In conclusion, it may seem that modern science continues to evolve throughout the years but, it can never surpass potency of natural remedies. Ayurveda is also a medical science. The texts of these holistic healing systems are written by expert herbalists after doing extensive research. The ancient doctors or herbalists spent their entire life in finding solution of medical problems. They did extensive research on human body, and effects of several medicinal plants on each and every part of our body. Ayurveda is the result of ferocious struggle of ancient Indian herbalists to resolve each and every medical problem that any human has to face. This ancient medical science has answer for every physiological as well as psychological problem of ours.

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